Adult Development Program

Adult Development Program

A. Description

The Adult Development Program is designed to enable all clients to reach their highest potential. An initial evaluation is gained through psychological, functional assessment, physical exam, social history, team in-put, and parent/guardian in-put to determine the client’s needs and requests. An individual habilitation program plan is implemented and revised based on the client’s needs. The parent/guardian and house managers are kept informed on the client’s progress. The services are provided in facilities located on Lockesburg Hwy. 371 West of Nashville, and serve clients in Howard, Pike and parts of Hempstead and Sevier.


Adult Classroom

B. Admission criteria

1. Clients must be 18 years of age or older.

2. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, epilepsy or autism.

3. Clients between the age of 18 and 22 must have a high school diploma.


C. Training

Training provided:  7:45-3:15 —  3-5 hours per day — Monday-Friday — 12 mo. per year


D. Types of training

1. Social skills

2. Daily living skills

3. Time management skills

4. Work activity skills

5. Functional living skills

6. Safety


E. Discharge/exit criteria

1. When the client gains the functional level of development at which he no longer requires habilitation training.

2. When the client no longer benefits from the program due to regression in mental or physical health.

3. When another least restrictive environment is more appropriate for the client’s needs.


F.  Transportation

Services are provided from and to each client’s home daily.