Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention Services

A. Early Intervention is a program of intensive training and services provided to developmentally delayed children and their families. Comprehensive assessment are conducted to determine the client’s need in all developmental areas. A program plan is designed for the client. This includes all services to be offered by the Center staff as well as all specialized services including therapies, etc. Intensive training periods are scheduled according to the severity of the needs of each client and family.

B. Admission criteria

1.  2 months to 3 years of age

2.  Developmentally Delayed

3. Other Medical Diagnosis

C. Training provided during:  Monday through Friday

D. Types of Training Provided:

Highly structured developmental training and family instructions are provided according to the child’s needs as assessed by therapists, doctors, professional diagnosticians and center staff. Activities include those to promote growth in gross and fine motor skills, cognitive skills, social and self-help skills.

E. Discharge/exit criteria

1. The child reaches the age of three years.

2. The child no longer can benefit from early intervention services and is referred elsewhere for more appropriate treatment and training.