Food Service Policy/Procedure

Food Service Policy/Procedure

A. Balanced meals, including breakfast (served to individuals 1-5 years) and lunch (served to all individuals), containing the amounts of necessary nutrients essential to meet the requirements, will be served Monday through Friday, to all clients enrolled in the day program at the Center.

B. Breakfast and supper are served to the clients in the group homes Monday through Friday and three meals per day on weekends and holidays.

C. Food is kept on hand at group homes as needed.

D. For Special Diets, procedures are as follows:1. Diabetics: meals are planned and prepared according to recommendations by client’s physician and local consulting dietitian. Menus are kept on file.2. Persons with Allergies and/or Special Diets: the same procedure is followed.

E. Periodic reviews of menus will be conducted by a nutritionist who will also provide assistance to food service both in the day program and in the residential program.

F. Guidelines and various procedural information involved in purchasing, buying, planning and storing foods will be provided to all staff responsible for food service.

G. Food service in both day and residential programs will be monitored by various regulating agencies including Arkansas Social Services, DDS and the county health department.

H. Menus will be kept on file for 5 years.