Individual/Family Support Program

Individual/Family Support Program

A. Description

These services are provided on as-needed and requested basis by individuals over 18 and by families of those individuals under 18 years. They include any type of support which may enable the individual or family to function more independently within the home and to become more integrated into the community with non-handicapped citizens. Support must be needed in more than one major life activity.


B. Admission

1. Individuals under 18; this also includes family members.

2. Individuals over 18 who are developmentally disabled.


C. Training provided

!.  Scheduled times are arranged with the individual and family according to the plan.


D. Types of training/support 

1. Mobility

2. Communication

3. Self-care and learning as necessary for independent living


E. Discharge/exit criteria

1.  This is determined by the needs of the family/individual as needed on an annual basis.