Integrated Pre-School Services

R A I N B O L E A R N I N G  C E N T E

Integrated Pre-School Services

These are services for children with developmental disabilities or delays. The children are integrated with typically developing children in the same classroom on HCCC campus.

A.  Description:

 The preschool program focuses on enhancing a child’s overall development through habilitation training and related services (speech, physical and occupational therapy, counseling, transportation). Compliance with Federal and State laws are followed: Upon receiving consent, the child is evaluated. An individual habilitation program is planned, implemented, and is established through conferences, contacts and home visits with the staff to assure follow-through and consistency at home. As a result of intervention, the child will be equipped for the public school setting or the least restrictive environment. The parents will gain awareness and acceptance of their child’s needs. Services are provided in facilities located on the Lockesburg Hwy. 371 just west of Nashville and are available to persons in Howard, and parts of Hempstead, Pike and Sevier Counties.

B. Admission Criteria

1. 3 to 5 years old

2. Diagnosed as having developmental delay, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, mental retardation

C. Training provided: :

1.  7:45 – 2:45

2.  Monday – Friday

3. 12 months per year

D. Types of training
Habilitation training is provided which helps develop skills in fine and gross motor, social, receptive and expressive language, self-help and social development on the child’s level.

E. Discharge/exit criteria

1. The child turns school age (5 yrs. prior to September 15). 2. Through intervention, the child tests to age level and integrates to the regular preschool settings. 3. When the needs of the child cannot be adequately or safely met, other services will be investigated and located.

F. Transportation services are provided from and to each client’s home daily.