Medicaid Waiver Program

Medicaid Waiver Program

A. Description

Howard County Children’s Center, in best serving individuals with disabilities, recognizes the rights of the individuals to live in the community environment of their choice with the necessary support systems to enable them to be integrated in their daily life, work setting and in social settings. HCCC will be responsible in assisting the individual in securing the necessary training and assistance to achieve this goal.


1.  Through residential habilitation services HCCC provides:

A. Training in areas of personal care, money management, transportation, leisure time activities, community survival and socialization.

B. The support needed for individuals to live in an independent situation and/or a family environment in which they may enjoy the opportunities available to others in the community.

C. Services which provide assistance to individuals as determined by their needs in money management, work settings, leisure time management and community mobility.


2. HCCC will assist individuals in locating possible employment opportunities and in working with employers to provide the necessary supports for successful continued placement.

A. The individuals in need of Medicaid waiver have the rights and opportunities to choose the type of services they need and the provider of those services. If HCCC is chosen to provide services by the Waiver applicant, then DDS Service Coordinator informs HCCC of this choice.

B. A temporary ISP is developed prior to admission to the program which includes screenings, relevant background information, and other significant information. The ISP is developed by the various agencies providing service and to the individuals and their families. The progress is recorded daily and completed at the end of each 30 days of delivery with all service providers contributing to the notes. At the end of 90 days, the three monthly progress notes are summarized and are signed by all team members. Annually, the ISP is reviewed.

C. HCCC will continually work with the individual’s independent case manager in providing necessary information as the progress made through the services offered, and in coordinating all needed support as requested by the individual.

D. Transportation services are provided from and to each client’s home daily if needed.

How to apply

Application packets may be picked up at the local DHS office.

We encourage all parents whose children meet the ACS Waiver requirements to complete an application to get their child on the waiting list. The waiting list is long; however, having their child on the waiting list  will give parents an additional option for services as their child grows older..  

If assistance is needed in the application process, please feel free to contact one of our staff either in children or adult  services at 1-870-845-1211.