Therapy Services

Therapy Services

A. Physical Therapy

The purpose of physical therapy services are to promote body awareness, increase flexibility, agility, balance, endurance and strength through various exercises and techniques which are integrated in the daily routine of an individual requiring service and treatment plan is designed by the therapist who is implementing the program plan.


B. Speech Therapy

The purpose of speech therapy is to enhance communication skills which include augmentative communication, expressive and receptive language, speech attributes i.e. voice, fluency, rate of speech, pitch, volume, oral stimulation and articulation. Direct service and consultant models will be used to carry out the daily routine.


C. Occupational Therapy

The purpose of occupational therapy is to translate the ability to move-no matter how limited-into activities that are useful and fulfilling. Evaluation techniques assess motor, sensory, integrative, expressive, receptive, passive, active, intellectual, perceptual and attitudinal responses.


D. In the event that a PT, OT, or ST cannot be contracted to provide services for the Center, the DDS office will be contacted (501-682-8699), to provide an interim therapist. Ads will be purchased in local papers. If a therapist cannot be found, the Center would refer parent to alternate programs within 30 days i.e. area hospitals, ABC Program, Temple Memorial. All attempts to hire therapist will be documented by the Director.


E. Admission

1. Developmentally disabled

2. 2 months-5 years only


F. Training provided

1.  7:45 AM -3:00 PM

2.  Monday – Friday as specifically needed or requested


G.  Discharge/exit criteria

When need for therapy services are no longer determined beneficial by interdisciplinary team and/or is no longer prescribed by physician.


H. This service is provided after client arrives at Center.

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