Adaptive Equipment/Physical Adaptations

Adaptive Equipment/Physical Adaptations

A. Description

This program is designed to help persons with certain disabilities that restrict there mobility, communication, and other areas of daily living. Certain adaptations to their homes or certain specialized equipment can be acquired to enable these individuals to live more independently and therefore enjoy a better quality of life as other non handicapped persons do.


B. Admission criteria

Individuals must be developmentally disabled.


C. Support/Assistance

Provided as requested and approved according to a plan.


D. Types of equipment/adaptations may include but are not limited to:

1. Wheelchair

2. Grab bars in bathroom

3. Widening of doors

4. Electric door openers

5. Adaptations of electrical appliances/switches

6. Modifications of sinks, showers

7. Lifting devices


E. Discharge/exit criteria

As needs are met or no longer requested.